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Politics of Health Group Publications

Paper 18 The Right to Health for All

A joint paper by the Politics of Health Group and the People's Health Movement, to the UN International Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

August 2015

Joint paper by POHG & PM

Health Politics as if People Mattered 2. Working in Academia

This is the second in a new series looking at good practice within local government, the NHS and academia

April 2015

Academia Good Practice

Health Politics as if People Mattered 1. Working in Local Government

This is the first in a new series looking at good practice within local government, the NHS and academia

March 2015

Local Gov Good Practice

Report on PoHG workshop at UKPHA conference April 2008

Healthcare as if people mattered: towards truly equitable health services.

May 2008

(pdf/1065 KB)

PoHG conference report

Paper 5: 'UK Health Watch 2005'

A major critique of the state of health care in the UK
by a group of UK and international contributors.

Published October 2005

(pdf/1451 KB)

UK Health Watch 2005

Paper 6: 'The Media: Agents Of Social Exclusion For People With a Mental Illness?'

A further contribution to UK Health Watch

Nimira Lalani,
formerly at the University of East London
Carlyle London,
West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Published March 2006

(pdf/66 KB)

Paper 1: 'Towards a New Politics of Health'

Clare Bambra,
Debbie Fox,
Alex Scott-Samuel 

University of Liverpool

Politics of Health Group
Discussion Paper no. 1
June 2003

(pdf/900 KB)

Discussion Paper cover

The following shorter publications all appeared originally in Health Matters

Paper 2: 'The Politics of War and Health'

Paper 3: 'Health and the Politics of Punishment'

Paper 4: 'The Politics of Hypertension'

Paper 7: 'Healthy Science?'

Paper 8: 'Costs of Change'

Paper 9: 'Function Creeps?'

Paper 10: 'Ideas based policy'

Paper 11: 'The Road to Supercapitalism'

Paper 12: 'Unnatural Causes'

Paper 13: 'The NHS at 100!'

Paper 14: 'IB reform: the politics of ill health'

Paper 15: 'Choosing health for all:lessons from Europe'

Paper 16: 'A time for new beginnings'

Paper 17: 'General Election 2010'

The following are commentaries on other health issues

1: 'Response to the draft consultation on NHS carbon reduction strategy'

2: 'Comments on Liverpool City's Health is Wealth Report'

3: 'Commission on the Social Determinants of Health'

The Politics of Health Group has existed for some time. Below is a very early publication (1979) on what is, still, a very topical issue.

'Food and Profit - it makes you sick'


All of the publications can be viewed and downloaded using Adobe Reader. If you do not already have this installed on your computer, click on the icon below to go to the Adobe website for a free copy.

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